Specialized in nature tourism, our incentive depart ment is exclusively devoted to service to companies, with capacity to prepare, production and complete execution of your incentive, reunion, event or presentation.

Our team shall prepare, together with your corresponding department, the entire necessary program, taking into consideration the resolution of all details and to achieve the objectives without surprises.


In 1962, a subsidiary company of General Motors had a problem with its sales delegation of the USA’s West Coast, its analysts af ter various days of debate decided to get together all the heads of the commer cial departments, around 45, in the National Park of Yosemite, a place unique and isolated. There, in the California’s Snowed Mountain Range they coexisted during 3 days and 2 nights in
a hotel of this mountain spot.

A custom-made program is designed between the organizing company and the Marketing Direction of General Motors, they have 2 work reunions of around 4 hours and the rest of the day they enjoy activities designed with the environment and with formation purposes, they do climbing, rafting, rope’s raids. The experience lived by the participants was so gratefu l that the results showed up soon in the company’s balances, in addition to have formed a motivated team and dependent on the company.
This experience has repeated since then, not only by this company but for thousands of companies all over the World, this model arrives to Spain through the pharmaceutical industry with an obvious success sin ce its introduction.
The benefit of “Business Travel” is well known since the beginning, that’s why important scales such as the scale of Oxford Economics make studies that support this model of relate worker-company-client.

In these events we see the great importance of dire ct contact, of submitting bosses and employees to solve unusual situations for them
in different environments out of their dairy work, these assumptions improve their self-esteem and that’s the key for professional development, moral and team work constitution, contributing to evaluate the capacity of the company to hold its talent, as well as its professionals that develop it.

On the other side, the participants feel valued, becoming dependent of the supplier, promoting direct client-supplier contact and reinforcing the relation.

These experience bonuses have demonstrated not only to be useful for the employee but also for the clients, and the company obtains an enormous profitability in its yearly balances.