Morocco represents the enchanting lower lip of this mouth named the Mediterranean Sea, a Muslim land so full of mysticism that seems to fly with a magic carpet through some place between myth and reality.

Tangiers, Casablanca, Marrakech, it’s enough with the names of these three cities to evoke the perfume of species in the smell of the most experienced travelers.
Many Moroccan destinations have been turned into a legend, rightly, but the visitor might regret the loss of this image. Nevertheless, others shall extol the singular alive history passing by, its blinding light, and its arts. Reality lies somewhere in the middle point.

Morocco is the perfect point of start to visit Africa. It’s a jump from Europe; it can be a warm, busy and stimulating place.
In its markets, you can find innumerable carpets, wood articles and jewels.
In the desert, we base all possible creativity this land offers to try to stop your time for you to enjoy it.

Due to our experience of more than 15 years organizing excursions and raids with 4WD cars, motorcycle, quads or buggies through Morocco, Mauritania, Tunisia or Libya, we can offer you all you’re looking for and what you had ever dreamed, to give your workers the perfect incentive, with the experience of living it in a country that is near and exotic.

We have a great human and logistic team at the disposal of other organizers or particulars groups that need our technical assistance to accompany them in their adventures.
Our complete fleet of vehicles (transportation trailer truck, 4WD raids truck, 4WD assistance vehicle, raid motorcycles and quads, etc.) and a great team of professionals (pilots, mechanics, doctors, guides, assistants, etc.) which guarantee the good development of each one of the activities we embark on and a complete safety in each destiny.

We offer you to live an unforgettable adventure, to sleep in the middle of the dessert, to plow through the most amazing red dunes, sleep in luxury haimas under the Universes’ most beautiful stars sky, to visit remotest oasis, to enjoy the sound of the desert, “the silence”.