Outdoor Training tries to improve the labor and personal skills of workers through an experience methodology based in learning through direct experience.

The formation programs of Outdoor Training are personalized and for its design we take into consideration the needs of each client. First of all we identify the needs that have caused that the company wants to apply this type of formation, and once started the participants of these courses develop outdoor activities in an experimental way.

The activities take place in the nature, where all participants are in a level of equality and they all are pressured to develop new competences to solve the problems


The general objective of Outdoor Training is to provide situations that promote certain norms of behavior between the workers of a company, from which we can highlight the followings:

To promote attitudes of union in work teams that improve the professional and personal relations.
To increase the motivations towards the objectives of the whole company.
To develop a fluid and receptive communication.
To reinforce flexible behavior in work teams.
To promote a culture of improvement and learning.
To encourage attitudes that promote leadership.